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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need some outside help?

The fact that you are looking…..means you probably could use some help.  Outside advisors never hurt and almost always usually add some value to your business.  We craft a customized response to your business.

How do I know if remote/virtual accounting is what I need?

It depends, but often if you do not get timely financial reporting and good metrics to run your business, remote/virtual accounting may be the answer.  Our experience is that our system usually saves cost from a resource perspective and also produces more clarity and transparency for owners/management.  Greater clarity & transparency leads to greater profits..

What is a Rock Solid system?

We have an accounting system that is uniquely efficient and transparent.  We cater to each Company systems, but in the end we produce financial reporting and metrics in a consistent way.  We train our accountants to add value!  The numbers need to be correct and accurate, but more importantly, you need to create value!

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