Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need some outside help??

The fact that you are looking…..means you probably could use some help.  Outside advisors never hurt and almost always usually add some value to your business.  We craft a customized response to your business.

How do I know if remote/virtual accounting is what I need?

It depends, but often if you do not get timely financial reporting and good metrics to run your business, remote/virtual accounting may be the answer.  Our experience is that our system usually saves cost from a resource perspective and also produces more clarity and transparency for owners/management.  Greater clarity & transparency leads to greater profits..

What is a Rock Solid system?

We have an accounting system that is uniquely efficient and transparent.  We cater to each Company systems, but in the end we produce financial reporting and metrics in a consistent way.  We train our accountants to add value!  The numbers need to be correct and accurate, but more importantly, you need to create value!

How do you communicate?

We love to build a relationship with our businesses.  We will come on-site to meet key employees and get a feel for the business.  However, long term our team prefers to work remote.  We feel like this is the most efficient method since office settings can sometimes be a headwind for getting stuff done for accountants.  We use modern technology to communicate if the business is comfortable with that.  We can facetime, e-mail, chat, video conference, or take an old fashioned phone call.  We cater to the way you like to communicate.  Being remote, opens our team up to help anybody in the USA!

What does a CFO do?

A good CFO gives you clarity in all things numbers.  Also, a CFO helps design good controls and develop strong budgeting/forecasts to help your business succeed.  In addition, CFOs help identify and close profit leaks.  The service is invaluable to most businesses.  It also helps lighten the load of stress and time for management and owners.  Rock Solid systems produce good numbers and greater predictability, which gives greater peace to owners/management.  It also allows flexibility to owners to take that vacation or go to your kids game….you have the pulse of your business at your fingertips!

Do you do taxes?

Yes…but we will be selective with which clients we recommend this for.  If we aren’t best suited, we have several relationships with tax firms we can leverage.

How do I get started?

Fill out the contact form on our web page.

When is the right time for CFO?

Our approach allows you to try out a virtual CFO/Controller so you can test the waters.  The majority of companies DO NOT need a full time CFO or Controller.  Rock Solid’s approach gives you access to top-notch advice to fit in your budget.

What’s the different between a CFO and Controller?

CFO is more of a strategic partner in your business.  They understand all of your numbers, but think about how those numbers impact your business from a risk, profit, & growth perspective.  The Controller’s focus is more on all thing accounting.  They are responsible for implementing operating processes and accounting functions within an organization.  They are looking back more often than forward, like a CFO.

Do you do payroll?

Yes…we have a great platform for you to leverage if you would like.

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